The FANS Ultra Races 2022 date is not yet set. Please check back toward the end of 2021

2021 Race Week Final Instructions Updated 8/25/2021

We made some updates to Covid-19 Safety Procedures for race weekend.

Download latest Covid Policy for race weekend

Also, check out our participant instructions for this year's race. There are some significant updates in regard to timing and course updates for 2021, so don't snooze on reading it! :)

Download 2021 Participant Instructions

2021 Pre-Race Booklet Available!

Make sure you check out this year's pre-race booklet for details on Course Updates and Covid-19 Safety Procedures.

Download the 2021 Pre-Race Booklet

About FANS Ultra Races

Founded in 1990, FANS Ultra Races is a timed loop ultramarathon benefiting the FANS Scholarship Fund for graduates of Pillsbury United Communities’ College Readiness & Scholarship Program. The program focuses on inner city youth and prepares students for post-secondary education and beyond. All race fees and donations go directly to the scholarship fund. For more information, please see About FANS.

The race welcomes runners and walkers who can choose between 6, 12, and 24-Hour formats and is a great choice for a first time ultramarathoners due to its excellent support and friendly MN-nice atmosphere.

FANS is a fun race, led by volunteers, and supported by amazing participants that never fail to demonstrate exceptional perseverance. Whether you are running, walking, donating, volunteering, pacing, or spectating, thank you for your support!

The course

The certified course circles Snelling Lake within Fort Snelling State Park. The loops are approximately two miles long with minimal elevation change. Footing is a mix of asphalt trail/road and gravel. Scenery is mostly wooded and offers quite a bit of shade. Two aid stations are available on the course, approximately 1 mile apart.

How it works

Simple version

Run or walk around the lake as many times as you can. :)

Semi-Detailed version

All participants start at the same time (8:00am) and begin with an out-and-back segment that ensures racers hit 50 and 100 mile marks at the lap counting area. After the out and back, the regular long laps begin. During the last hour of your race, you have the option to start short laps. Short laps allow you to record your total distance in the eventual case that you are not able to complete another lap in the time allotted. Your mileage total will be calculated as: First Lap Distance (longest due to out-and-back) + Sum of Long Laps + Distance to short lap course + Sum of Short Laps.

Complete details

Mileage charts and logistics information will be provided shortly before the race as they can change from year to year.


A lot goes into participating for a 6, 12, or 24 hour event. FANS aims to make the race as fun and comfortable as possible while also keeping safety top of mind.

Share the park

Fort Snelling State Park is open to the public during the event. Please be mindful that the park and all trails/roads are shared with other visitors that may not know about the race.

Tent city

An area of the course will run through our tent city enabling participants to set up tents, chairs, tables, and decorations. This serves as a great home base for your race day. A special award is given for best campsite. A "tent for the tentless" will also be provided for those that would like to stash a smaller amount of gear.


New for 2021, we will use chip timing by Endurance Promotions for primary timekeeping as well as a dual entry system by our outstanding race-day volunteers in the lap counting tent. Stop by before the race to meet one of your lap counters!


There are two aid stations, a large one near the timing tent with the most variety, and a smaller one on the opposite side of the course with the essentials. Fare includes water, sport drink, soda, fruit, candy, bars, cakes, chips, etc. Later in the race, pizza and soup will also be available in limited quantities.


Pacers are allowed on long laps (no short laps please). No special arrangements need to be made, we only ask that pacers take special precaution to stay clear of the timing areas and be mindful of other racers.


Headphones are allowed, but we ask that you ensure that you are aware of your surroundings for everyones safety.

Weigh-in and safety checks

All 12 and 24 Hour participants must wiegh in before the race starts, and every 4 hours thereafter. If your body weight drops more than 5%, you will have to take a break until your weight comes back up.

Hotels and parking

Minneapolis International Airport, Mall of America, and many nearby hotels are located within a few miles of Fort Snelling state park.

Pre-race booklet

All participants will be furnished a pre-race booklet shortly before the event (watch your e-mail) that describes all the race day details you will need.

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